Accessories for the Arms


sassy-3 Sassie Sleeves

Evolve your sleeveless clothing into something new and exciting with the original Sassie Sleeves.

Sassie sleeves are comfortable and have a unique benefit is the seamless yoga bra in which sleeves are attached to. This provides a comfortable under garment in which you can wear your own bra with or go without a bra. If you decide to wear a bra the bandeau creates a smooth polished look. Another benefit is the bra acts as a dicky for low cut dresses or tops.

Sassie Sleeves can change up any dress or top by mixing and adding sleeves. This is great for travel as the sleeves take up little room. One black dress, one black top, along with the sleeves allows you to pack lightly.
Sassie Sleeves will create an illusion that the sleeves are part of the dress as there are no shoulder seams. This will accent any simple dress or top. Sassie Sleeves can even hide un-toned arms. You can use sleeves to dress casual or dress it up with a classy touch.

Sleeveless summer clothes can be worn any season when you add Sassie Sleeves.

Want to get away from wearing a jacket or shrug when it’s chilly? Simply add sleeves to keep warm and do away with carrying a jacket or shrug.

Sassie Sleeves can also be worn under sleeveless vests.

The Sassie Sleeves collections will offer variety and versatility! In which there is color and material choices. Sassie Sleeves comes in cold shoulder for a sexier look or a full sleeve for a professional look.

Sassie Sleeves can be worn under scrubs in the hospitals, vet clinics or medical offices. They will accent the scrubs while keeping you warmer in a chilly climate.

Sleeveless clothing is not always allowed in the work place. Now you can just add Sassie Sleeves for a covered look.
Sassie Sleeves have so much to offer as they are fun and fashionable. They are a classic accessory for the arms.

They are quality made and assembled in the USA.